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—Vrrrrooo-eeeyow-wall-wall - wah -ooooweee!'
Above this savage medley we were startled by
three terrible screeches. It was the noise of
a ghost! We knew It; for It was the yell of—
Roving Night Eagle!

Roving Night Eagle—our warrior who had
been killed by the Crows!

My father dashed out of the teepee door like a
hurling black shadow. *Thump~thump~thump'
—moccasined feet rushing—where, we did not
know. We heard this, in Blackfoot—It came to
us from out among the horses:

CI am a Blackfoot. I am the enemy of no
living person!'

*Hanh-h-h-h-h/ groaned my mother, *It is
the voice of Roving Night Eagle!5 She clapped
her hand over her mouth and sat motionless. We
youngsters hugged to her side and shivered with

Then we heard voices,, and strained our ears to
catch what they were saying. We must have sat
that way five minutes before our father swept
back the teepee door and shouted:

'All to the big lodge.—It is Roving Night
Eagle r

We threw our blankets about us and rushed out
behind our mother. When we got outside we
could see the big lodge already lighted with a fire.
Everyone was rushing toward it.